Hospital Nursing and Midwifery

Nurses and Midwives plays a crucial role in health care and they are the unsung heroes in hospital emergency response situations. They are the first responders to health emergencies. They are commonly called upon to operate on the frontlines of disease prevention and the delivery of primary health care services, including promotions, treatments and rehabilitation.

Nursing and Midwifery courses are available at the diploma level. Knowledge on how to set up an operation theatre, care for various pieces of equipment, keep accurate records and provide medications to patient on time are all covered in this course . Midwifery course specially deals with the pregnancy, childbirth, the post partum period , sexual and reproductive health of women.

Hospital Nursing and Midwifery
Course Information
  • Credit: 5
  • Room: TF-213
  • Days: TWS
  • Timings: 1-30pm - 2-30pm
John Scott
American Studies

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