Anesthesia Technician

Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology is a 2 year programme designed to offer  training and understanding of anaesthesia  and administer dosages of anaesthesia to patients according to the severity and type of illness or procedure. The programme aids the students with necessary skills needed while dealing with patients in the theatre room including good communication and calmness.

Anaesthesia is the study of use and effects of various kinds of anaesthetics to human beings. It imparts the basics of intensive transfusion therapy, pharmacology and pharmacodynamics of inhaling anaesthetics ,anaesthesia in traumatology and orthopaedics ,neonatology, paediatrics ,toxicology and other such.

The career scope and job oppurtunities are more as anaesthetic  technicians. With the number of hospitals and overall population increasing, the need  for skilled and qualified anaesthesia  technicians also increased as well.

Oppurtunities  are opened for diploma holders in hospitals, dental clinics ,health care centres and medical colleges. Anaesthesia assistant, clinical assistant, technical assistant, operation theatre technician are some job profiles for diploma graduates.

Anesthesia Technician
Course Information
  • Credit: 10
  • Room: SF-672
  • Days: MWT
  • Timings: 2-00pm - 3-00pm

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