Optometry deals with the visual framework and its adjoining structure. Diploma in optometry technology is a 2 year course in which aspirants will learn different concepts of eye health, ocular diseases, diagnosis and treatment of the human eye. The main objective of the course is to produce trained ophthalmic personnel for rendering eye care services.

After the completion of the course, candidates can work with vision care hospitals as a part of a team with ophthalmologist and optometrist. An optometrist has diverse vocation openings. They can work by setting their eye facility, optical shop, lens producing unit etc. They can likewise work with optician showrooms, eye specialists, hospital eye department, contact lens and ophthalmic lens industry and so on.

The graduates are hired in professions such as vision consultant, optometry researcher, customer care associate, private practitioner, assistant lens consultant, optometry technician etc.

The course is beneficial to produce professionally competent optometrists who are in good demand.

Course Information
  • Credit: 6
  • Room: NH-234
  • Days: MWF
  • Timings: 3-00pm - 4-00pm
Chris Edwards

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