Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

Diagnosis: It is the cause of what ails you. Its the linchpin for medicines you take, treatments you get and surgeries you may have.

Medical lab technician health professional is skilled  in conducting laboratory tests and responsible for the initiation of the treatment process. They deal with the biochemical, pathological and microscopic examinations of the body’s cell, tissues and fluids.

The increase in disease has increased the number of diagnostic centers and hospitals. Bachelor of science in MLT is one of the perfect course for those students who wants to become a paramedic. It is one of the renowned and preferred course among the students. This course is an easy gateway if you are looking to make a career in the hospital and health care sector. Its a 3 year undergraduate  program with 100% job guarantee once you completed the course with all practical skills. Students studying MLT can get exciting job opportunities in various hospitals, health care clinics, medical pathology laboratories, research laboratories, diagnostic centers, clinical laboratories etc.,. A career in MLT is one of the most challenging and satisfying career. A decision to opt for this program will enable you to work in the area of science all day long, running tests, analyzing results and  MLT has gained a lot of demand in the last decade. Our curriculum is designed in such a way to build the students with compassion, technical skills ,communication skills and quick thinking ability to improve the human lives in a better way.

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)
Course Information
  • Credit: 6
  • Room: TF-897
  • Days: TWT
  • Timings: 2-30pm - 3-30pm
Kathryn Corrigan

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